Thursday, December 29, 2005


For shame, Sun Belt Conference, for shame. You call that an officiating crew? I know clown posses that could've pulled off a more credible impression of a fair game. To be fair, big mistakes were made both ways (see definition of kick catch interference) but how gosh darn stupid are these guys? Is 100>11? If yes, then please call an illegal participation penalty on the gol darn defense! And because the half cannot end on a defensive penalty, Michigan ball at about the 7 eh? 1st and goal, eh? Dumb ignorant bastards who don't even know what a replay is. For shame, Sun Belt, for shame. All of you should go back to Division II and resume being whupped by real teams like GVSU and SVSU. FOR SHAME.

If I were Bill Martin, I believe that I would be tempted to return the bowl money and just refuse to acknowledge the existence of the CF that I just witnessed. After that, I don't think that I would go around accepting Alamo Bowl bids anymore. At least the Motor City Bowl has the good sense to hire real officials with things like literacy and common sense.

Now that my rant is complete, I will no longer make reference to this travesty, choosing to instead pretend that it never happened. Good luck to the icers against CC in tomorrow's GLI opener.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An Update!

Enough people have brought my lack of updates to my attention that I thought I had better quick throw something up. I promise more substantial posts after the Alamo Bowl and the GLI. In the meantime I've been looking after my grad school apps and working on finishing the basement of my home (putting up drywall and such). Until then, some thoughts that I've been harboring:

-The more I see of Brett Lebda, the more impressed I get. I originally thought he was a solid NHL defenseman, now I think that he's a deft puck-mover with solid top-4 potential. The Red Wings score again on a prospect.

-Michigan is screwed at the GLI. It looks like Tim Cook and Adam Dunlap will both log significant time on the blueline against Colorado College. Normally I would say that this could be overcome by a stellar performance from the Michigan goalie, but I'm not even sure who that is right now. Does anybody know if we picked either Sauer or Ruden? Or are they still rotating?

-The Tigers have of course added Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones. I really don't see how this is better than Jason Johnson and Troy Percival. Rogers isn't getting any younger, although he did have a pretty good year in a hitter's park last season. I don't think that Jones is any less of an injury risk than Percival was and I don't think that his upside is as large. My bet is that Fernando Rodney is closing by June. My point is that the Tigers never seem to learn. At this point they would be further ahead to seek value in a trade or wait a couple of years and let their young arms pan out (Verlander, Zumaya, Ledezma and Colon). If the lineup is healthy it's formidable with Polanco, Guillen, Granderson and Inge creating RBI opportunities for Ordonez, Rodriguez, Monroe, Young and (please God) Pena. Speaking of Carlos Pena, I'm predicting (for about the third straight year) he will finally have a break out season. I hope that they don't cut ties with him, the kid is a player.

Ok, that's it for tonight. I'll be back later in the week with some more commentary.