Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BlogPoll Ballot: 10/30

This is another mess this week. If I could stop ranking after 15 or so I would. Virginia Tech stays high, largely as a function of having losses to #2 and #3. Georgia is also much, much higher than I would like, but who else is there? UCONN is being propped up by the win over USF, who is in turn being pushed higher by Auburn.

Alabama has quietly put together a nice season - I had largely written them off for dead. Wake Forest is another team that has quietly piled up some victories.

I saw Kansas in person last week and came away a little bit unimpressed. Their special teams were pretty poor and they couldn't seem to salt the game away against A&M. I will say that the run defense was very good, but I'm afraid that it was more a function of stacking the box than being truly stifling. At one point late in the 3rd quarter, I looked up and the scoreboard showed 39 yards rushing for A&M. Given that, the Aggies being in a position to attempt a Hail Mary is truly amazing.

Here's the ballot:

1 Ohio State --
2 LSU --
3 Boston College --
4 Arizona State --
5 Oregon --
6 West Virginia 1
7 Kansas 1
8 Oklahoma 1
9 Missouri 6
10 Virginia Tech --
11 Georgia 10
12 Connecticut 14
13 South Florida 7
14 Auburn 3
15 Michigan 5
16 Southern Cal 3
17 Alabama 6
18 Texas 1
19 Florida 7
20 California 3
21 Hawaii 4
22 Purdue 4
23 Boise State 3
24 Wisconsin 2
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: Kentucky (#14), South Carolina (#16), Rutgers (#18), Virginia (#22), UCLA (#24).


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous UmichAg said...

Oregon a little low?? If it wasn't for them fumbling into the endzone at the end of the game, they'd be undefeated. Then again, there's a lot of What Ifs in College Football

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Tom said...

You were correct. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have had them higher.


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