Thursday, January 10, 2008

BlogPoll Final Ballot

My final ballot can be viewed here. The deadline is tomorrow morning. Comments are welcome and appreciated until then.


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Free The Fan is a ground breaking and innovative new approach to interactive sports media, offering students the opportunity to be the voice of their student body on college campuses throughout the country. Free The Fan will provide an exciting forum where students can report on their teams, debate sports headlines, and create 2 minute stories about their college experience.
Free The Fan is a social network, for sports enthusiasts, which will allow for increased exposure and feedback for students looking to make careers in broadcasting. Free The Fan is a place for students to hone their skills and gain valuable experience as sports journalists.
We want to know your traditions, history, atmosphere and attitude that makes your experience a “can’t miss” in college sports. Submit your clips to Free The Fan and we’ll pick new ones each week to air in our pre-game show on Sports Television networks across the country. We want to showcase the next generation of sports reporters, anchors and analysts. Join us in creating a new sports information network for the 21st century.
You’ll be featured on our home page, and if you land a spot in the show we’ll send you a check for $300 bucks. So get out there and prove your allegiance to your school.
The big time is right around the corner.
Free The launches this fall and will feature collegiate correspondents on our home page and in our NCAA Sports section. Please let your students know this is an exciting opportunity.
Thank You, Derek

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