Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aggie Roundtable, Take 3

I contributed the questions this week, so I suppose that I shouldn't refuse to answer any. As always, check out TAMU and Baseball, The12thManChild and the AggieSportsBlog for the full tour.

#1. If you could go all crazy diaper-wearing-astronaut and cruise around to
Big XII campuses, which players would you kidnap and make Aggies? (Hat tip
to Burnt Orange Nation (grr) for coming up with this concept.)

First I would shore up the receiving corps, the only real weakness on the offense. This would mean the additions of Limas Sweed (Texas) and Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma). Sweed brings a great combination of size and speed and Kelly may be the best "big receiver" in the conference. Next I'd add some depth to the DT rotation. I think Frank Okam (Texas) is the best choice for a brainy addition to the interior. A LB would be nice so I'll go with Bo Ruud (Nebraska) who has the best combination of talent and experience in the conference. Finally I'd like to upgrade the secondary with a true lockdown corner. Aqib Talib (Kansas) is the best choice here.

#2. Describe your perfect fall Saturday. (Note: if this doesn't include a college football game, a man card will be deducted.)

My perfect Saturday starts on a November day in Ann Arbor. I'm up early to head down to Elbel Field to tailgate with friends. As I walk out of my dorm (Mosher-Jordan of course) it's crisp and fairly cold. The sky is pale blue and cloudless. After tailgating I head over to the band building and catch the step show as the day starts to warm. After the show I head across the railroad tracks and join the thousands of people headed for the stadium. I'm in my seat at least 20 minutes before the game, enough time to read the free program and BS a bit with the people I sit with. The opponent is Ohio State (of course) and Michigan wins by 142 points.

#3. A&M's road schedule is formidable this season. Which game presents the biggest challenge? Which game is the most winnable?

I think that Oklahoma will be the toughest game to win this season. I'm not wild about the way that A&M's defense matches up against the Sooners and Norman is a tough place to win.

For some reason, Missouri doesn't really scare me. I think that will be the most winnable (although hopefully not the only road win) this season.

#4. What was the greatest sporting moment you've ever experienced/witnessed? Did you experience it in-person or on the television/radio?

My greatest sporting experience was probably watching the Detroit Red Wings beat the Philadelphia Flyers in 1997 to claim their first Stanley Cup in over 40 years. It was the first team that I really followed to win a championship. (I followed the Pistons during the Bad Boys era but was really too young to have an appreciation for their accomplishments.) Although this was a TV experience, I was still euphoric. Another great Red Wings moment I remember watching on the TV was the brawl against the Avalanche on the March 26, 1997.

As far as in-person experiences, my most memorable was probably the Michigan hockey team coming from behind to upset Denver in the '02 West Regional to advance to the Frozen Four. I've never been in a louder arena. An honorable mention goes to the '03 Midwest Regional at Yost and the 2003 Michigan-Ohio State football game (the 100th meeting and the last time Michigan won.)

#5. Which Aggie football player most resembles a Transformers character and why? (i.e. Jorvorskie Lane = Unicron the dude who eats planets)

I'm afraid that this question requires a bit more response than I have room for here. A full discussion will be posted tomorrow.


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