Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inaugural Aggie Blog Roundtable

Well, I received my scores on my first attempt at my departmental qualifiers yesterday, and mine still require some work. Since I have an oral retest on one section coming in the next week, my first contribution to the roundtable will be a bit rushed. I promise to have more to say in the future. (For the record, talking Aggie Football is much, much more enjoyable than studying viscous fluid flow.) My thanks go out to Brad at for putting this whole thing together and coming up with the first round of questions. The other participants are TAMABINPO, The12thManChild, and the AggieSportsBlog. With no further ado, my answers:

1. What was your favorite single play from the 2006 Football season?
My favorite play was without a doubt Jordan Peterson chasing down a Missouri receiver to knock the ball from his hands inside the one yard line. The play completely changed the nature of that game and in some ways served as a microcosm of the entire Aggie season. It seemed at times that A&M was always on the edge of disaster, only to force an improbable turnover (often inside the five yard line) and retake control of the game. (For another example, see the interception after the offensive pass interference call on Limas Sweed in the texas game.)

2. What is the most underrated sports blog/site, besides yours, on the
Internet today?
I did my undergrad at Michigan where I obsessively followed the hockey team. The best Michigan Hockey analysis on the web comes from The Blog That Yost Built. This blog also covers a lot of Detroit Red Wings (my favorite pro team, ever), Detroit Pistons and Michigan Football. The writing is so good that I'm more than happy to overlook the frequent Green Bay Packer discussion. A strong honorable mention goes to Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars who has, hands-down, the best college football prose in the world.

3. Forget about the "who will win the Big XII" discussions, who do you
think will finish last?
In the south, Baylor is going to be just awful this season. Bell, Ziegler, Shelton and Mosley are all gone (so, umm, pretty much all the offensive skill players are new). On defense the corners, Wilson and Arline will be missed. Even the superb Daniel Sepulveda has moved on to the NFL. The north race is much harder to call, but I can't imagine Meyer and Blythe are going to be enough to keep Iowa State from being very mediocre, especially with a new coach.

4. Pull out the Magic 8Balls, will Acie Law get drafted higher than
#15, breaking the A&M record set by Antoine Wright in 2005?
Acie won't fall past the Clippers at #14, so yes, he will be the highest player drafted in A&M history.

5. Where's your favorite place to eat in B/CS?
While I love Burger Boy, Freebird's, Fitzwilly's and Antonio's, for some reason I love FatBurger the most. I don't know if it's the garnishment bar where I can load up on tomatoes, the big screen TV or the proximity to my office, but FatBurger is always the place I head when it's my turn to pick the lunch location. Some of the best lunches I've had since moving to B/CS were last summer during the World Cup at FatBurger.


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