Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Game Thoughts

Well, I've moved to the new Blogger, so expect some layout changes around here in the near future.

In the meantime, I took the opportunity to take some notes at the Maroon and White game. It was tough to really analyze the offensive line or the defense so I'm a little light in these areas. Please feel free to add any of your own impressions in the comments below.

-I thought that the short passing game was pretty good. It was windy, but the deep passing game was pretty awful.

-Stephen McGee couldn't stay in the pocket even in a spring game. Expect plenty of scrambling from him again this season. Overall I thought his arm looked good. He's clearly the best QB on the team.

-The book on Jerrod Johnson seems to be pretty much spot on. He is a freakish athlete and already looks great running the option. He has an incredible arm but his accuracy needs work. The few times that the pressure got to him, Johnson looked absolutely lost. All the physical tools are there and I look forward to watching him mature into a heckuva quarterback.

-Ryan Tannehill REALLY impressed me. He has deceptive speed and a big arm. Top to bottom I think that A&M has the most talented threesome of quarterbacks in the Big XII.

-Michael Goodson may have been the star of the game. Every time he touched the ball good things seem to happen. He has set himself up nicely to have a huge season this year.

-Jorvorskie Lane was Jorvorskie Lane. I don't think that he has improved much from a year ago, but he is still a massive back with the ability to pick up the short stuff up the middle and occasionally rumble for something more.

-Cornell Tarrant carried a tremendous amount of buzz out of the spring. He didn't impress me in the first half, but the longer the game went the better he got. By the fourth quarter he looked unstoppable. I don't know if the quality of the opposition declined or if Tarrant just got more comfortable. Either way, Tarrant does a great job of cutting in the open field to leave defensive backs behind. He has talent, no doubt.

-Keondra Smith really stood out to me. In the first half he was much better than Tarrant and seems to be someone that will be able to provide solid carries should the injury bug strike. A&M's running back depth is unreal.

-The only wide receiver that stuck out to me was Howard Morrow. He had a couple of nice kick returns and made a difficult catch to pull down a Johnson touchdown pass. Still the lack of production from anybody else worries me.

-On defense Johnathon Batson and Mark Dodge had their names called a lot. I'm expecting big things from each this season. DeMaurier Thompson put a slobberknocker on Tarrant in the first half. I didn't notice too much else out of the defense

-Matt Szymanski missed an XP. The kicking game worries me again.

That's all I've got for now. The term is winding down so the next few weeks will have light posting while I try not to fail out of school. I'm looking forward to customizing the site a bit with the new Blogger, so look for that too. Please leave any thoughts you have on the spring game in the comments section.

Gig 'Em.

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