Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday, Bad Surprise

According to ESPN, Billy Clyde Gillispie is taking the Kentucky job. While it will be easy for the Aggie faithful to be bitter and go the negative route. I think that this is wrong and that Coach Gillispie should be commended for the strides that the Texas A&M basketball program has taken during his tenure.

The most important thing now is for A&M fans to get behind Bill Byrne who needs to move quickly and efficiently to find the next coach. The job should be attractive to another up and coming mid-major coach, what with the soon-to-be-built facilities and proximity to fertile recruiting grounds. My hope is that if Byrne can find a new coach in the next few days, the majority of the recruiting class can be salvaged and that the team can be kept together. The AD has yet to make a bad hire and I expect that streak to continue here.

To the Aggie fans, let's stay classy here and show everybody that this isn't Arkansas.

To Coach Gillispie, thanks for all that you did while you were here.

Gig 'Em.


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