Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BlogPoll Final Ballot

My apologies for the recent lack of content. I went home to Michigan for the break, and I would be lying if I said that I was happy with the world of sports. I'm back in College Station again, and the posts will follow accordingly. I think that the pain of Texas A&M's crushing at the hands of Cal will be offset by the hope that I hold for the future. I'm definitely looking forward to breaking down what went right and what went wrong this season, and every look ahead to next season looks positive.

Presented below is my final ballot for the 2006 season. Any opinions submitted before 10AM tomorrow will certainly be taken under consideration. Without further delay...

1 Florida 2
2 Southern Cal 3
3 Ohio State 2
4 Michigan 2
5 LSU 1
6 Louisville 2
7 Wisconsin --
8 Boise State 6
9 Auburn 2
10 West Virginia 2
11 Rutgers 2
12 Arkansas 2
13 Oklahoma 5
14 California 6
15 Wake Forest --
16 Brigham Young 8
17 Georgia 9
18 Notre Dame 9
19 Georgia Tech 3
20 Boston College 3
21 Penn State 5
22 Virginia Tech 6
23 Texas A&M 5
24 Texas 5
25 TCU 1

Dropped Out: Tennessee (#17), Nebraska (#21), UCLA (#25).


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some Oregon State love fercryingoutloud.

Not a shabby ballot though.

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