Monday, November 13, 2006

Week 12 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

Texas A&M is off this week and I'm still dealing with the sting of having three losses by a combined 6 points. I'll have something appropriately weepy up later, but things are hectic now so it will be a couple of days. Next week is of course Texas so that should be fun. I'm not wild about putting Oklahoma in a BCS game, but it sure would be nice to steal one in Austin. On to the rankings:

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Southern Cal 5
4 Rutgers 6
5 Louisville 1
6 Florida 1
7 Arkansas 2
8 Notre Dame 3
9 Texas 2
10 Wisconsin 6
11 California 8
12 Maryland 6
13 Oklahoma 7
14 West Virginia --
15 Auburn 11
16 Wake Forest 3
17 LSU 2
18 Tennessee 6
19 Georgia Tech 2
20 Boise State 5
21 Boston College 8
22 Nebraska 1
23 Virginia Tech 1
24 Oregon 1
25 Clemson 1

Dropped Out:

Shortened Thoughts This Week:

-Last week I went high on Rutgers and got yelled at. I'll try it again this week.

-I adjusted my criteria a bit to remove some subjectivity. To be a "Team Under Consideration" a team from a BCS conference must have a .500 record both in-conference and overall. For mid-majors the standard is a .700 winning percentage. I then consider each of these teams' wins within this group and also each of their losses. This provides a resume that I then attempt to place relative to everyone else.

-In a vacuum, Michigan would be my #1 team, but I'm a superstitious alumnus.

-A&M is again the last team out.

-Louisville stays high largely as a result of Kansas State's win over Texas.

-USC has a spectacular resume. I could see Cal pulling the upset, but based on accomplishments they are clearly the best 1 loss team in the country.

-Anything past 11 is a crapshoot and yes, Maryland is probably higher than they should be.

-I can't get excited about LSU. The win over Tennessee was nice, but after that the best win is Kentucky.

-After all this I'm not as happy as I was. Look for an update tomorrow before the deadline.


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