Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Week 9 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

Midterms are still persisting (my last is Friday). Until I'm through those, posting will remain light. USC losing to Oregon State and Clemson's surprising loss at Virginia Tech have combined caused my ballot to implode. What you see below is nothing more than my best guess and any input would be much appreciated.

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Tennessee 8
4 California 8
5 Florida 5
6 Texas 2
7 Southern Cal 4
8 Arkansas --
9 Louisville 3
10 Auburn 1
11 Notre Dame 4
12 Rutgers 1
13 West Virginia 1
14 Boston College 3
15 Wisconsin --
16 Clemson 11
17 Georgia Tech 2
18 LSU 2
19 Texas A&M 1
20 Virginia Tech 6
21 Boise State --
22 Wake Forest 1
23 Brigham Young 1
24 Washington State 2
25 Tulsa --

Dropped Out: Nebraska (#18), Missouri (#22).

Some Thoughts:
1. Ohio State - Another blowout.

2. Michigan - Perhaps the most boring team in the country. They keep winning though.

3. Tennessee - I can't put them below Cal so here they go.

4. Cal - Count me back on the Bear's bandwagon.

5. Florida - Probably the best defense not based in Ann Arbor.

6. Texas - Almost blew it in Lubbock, but live to fight another day. I can't wait for T+1.

7. Southern Cal - Finally got caught by an inferior team. Win over Arkansas still looks good.

8. Arkansas - Seems about right until further notice.

9. Louisville - The best all around team in a strong Big East.

10. Auburn - I don't know about Auburn anymore. Here for now.

11. Notre Dame - I can't stand Charlie Weis (and the 60 Minutes piece didn't help) but he has a capable football team.

12. Rutgers - Ray Rice was injured at the end of the UConn game. If he isn't 100% by the time that the big games come, Rutgers could drop in a hurry.

13. West Virginia - Great rushing offense, no defense. Too flawed to be in the top 10.

14. Boston College - Quite possibly the most underrated team in the country. Probably should be higher.

15. Wisconsin - They beat the bad teams and lose to the good ones.

16. Clemson - I took a chance and put them in the top five. Note to self: Tommy Bowden still the coach.

17. Georgia Tech - Another team that I feel a giant meh towards right now.

18. LSU - See Georgia Tech

19. Texas A&M - Win at Baylor is better than it looks on paper. Not a great one loss team, but a one loss team nonetheless. They certainly don't lack exciting finishes.

20. Virginia Tech - I was hasty in dropping them.

21. Boise State - How the human polls have them ahead of Rutgers, I'll never understand.

22. Wake Forest - Yup.

23. BYU - The Arizona loss looks more like a missed opportunity every week.

24. Washington State - Should have been up here last week. 3 losses are to Auburn, USC and Cal.

25. Tulsa - The class of C-USA. Only loss to BYU. This week's game at Houston should be telling.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger The Pen said...

Hopefully the Vols prove they are worthy of that number 3 spot this week.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Brad said...

what do you think of the idea of starting an aggie blogger weekly roundtable (football & basketball)?


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