Monday, October 02, 2006

Week 6 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

I'll have some thoughts on the game up tonight. Despite all the doom and gloom over at, I'm surprisingly upbeat this week. Thinking about Harrell or Johnson or Hicks still causes me to go into convulsions, but I thought that the Aggies played hard in the second half which would tend to be the opposite of the kind of loss that would send a team into a tailspin. Like I said though, more analysis tonight.

My top 25 draft ballot, please feel free to comment:

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Florida
4. Auburn
5. Oregon

6. USC
7. LSU
8. Texas
9. Louisville
10. Clemson

11. Tennessee
12. West Virginia
13. Cal
14. Georgia
15. Notre Dame

16. Georgia Tech
17. Rutgers
18. Oklahoma
19. Missouri
20. Iowa

21. Virginia Tech
22. Nebraska
23. Washington
24. Boise State
25. Southern Miss

1. Ohio State - Moves up to #1 after an impressive victory over Iowa.

2. Michigan - Controlled the whole game, but packed it in a little early on both sides of the ball. That needs work.

3. Florida - They seem to finish well.

4. Auburn - A win is a win, but after holding the ball for the entire third quarter you can't let a team back into it.

5. Oregon - Oregon with a powerful running game just doesn't feel right.

6. USC - Way to close for comfort against a mediocre WSU. I'm not sold yet.

7. LSU - This feels about right.

8. Texas - So does this.

9. Louisville - DNP

10. Clemson - Another blowout, this one over a La Tech team that isn't good, but isn't terrible either.

11. Tennessee - Still being pushed up by the Cal win.

12. West Virginia - Find a defense yet?

13. Cal - I really wish that the Bears hadn't had such a bad showing at Tennessee, I would like to put them higher.

14. Georgia - Georgia may well be in free fall mode now.

15. Notre Dame - The Michigan State win didn't look so good this week.

16. Georgia Tech - Huge road win, definitely helping push the Irish up the poll.

17. Rutgers - I was impressed. These guys have the ideal team to knock off WV. Should be fun.

18. Oklahoma - DNP

19. Missouri - They come to Kyle this month. Ask me again after that.

20. Iowa - Ouch.

21. Virginia Tech - Ouch again.

22. Nebraska - You guys aren't making me feel good about Kansas this weekend.

23. Washington - Can we get some Washington "Return to Glory" shirts made?

24. Boise State - I had dropped them after a less than impressive win over Wyoming, but I think that I was wrong.

25. Southern Miss - This is my weekly stretch (last week it was Texas A&M). They lost at Florida to start the year but have been impressive since. Also considered, Wake Forest and Texas Tech.


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