Sunday, October 15, 2006

BlogPoll Draft Ballot

As always, first the draft ballot and then some thoughts. Comments are very much appreciated.

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan 1
3 Southern Cal 6
4 Texas 4
5 Clemson 1
6 Louisville 2
7 Notre Dame 4
8 Arkansas 4
9 Auburn 4
10 Florida 8
11 Tennessee 6
12 California 5
13 Rutgers 3
14 Georgia Tech --
15 West Virginia 5
16 Wisconsin 10
17 LSU 2
18 Oregon 1
19 Boston College 6
20 Nebraska 2
21 Oklahoma 1
22 Texas A&M 4
23 Pittsburgh 3
24 Boise State --
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#15), Iowa (#20), Georgia (#21), Washington (#23).

My Thoughts:
1. Ohio State - Another week, another big win.

2. Michigan - I watched the whole game against PSU and it wasn't as close as the score indicates. The sooner Mario Manningham is back, the better.

3. USC - Keep winning, but largely being propped up by Arkansas at this point. I would love to see them lose to Cal or Oregon to break up the transitive rankings.

4. Texas - Giving up 30+ points to Baylor isn't good, but Colt McCoy appears to be getting better.

5. Clemson - Clemson really bothers me. On one hand they have been unstoppable. On the other they lost to Boston College, so do they deserve to be ranked ahead of the Eagles? I've decided that a wonky one point loss on the road very early in the season isn't so bad so here they stay.

6. Louisville - Cincy also gave fits to tOSU so I'm not going to hold last week against Louisville. Brohm is back and I think that this is the best team in the Big East.

7. Notre Dame - I'm not sold on ND here, any suggestions?

8. Arkansas - Only loss is to USC, they are better than they were then and the game against Vandy isn't looked as bad as it did a week ago. Driven up by Auburn.

9. Auburn - Huge win over Florida. The SEC is going to give me headaches.

10. Florida - I think that Florida is actually a better team than Auburn, but the evidence on the field says here they go.

11. Tennessee - Another team that I would like to have higher but are being driven down by Auburn.

12. Cal - See Tennessee.

13. Rutgers - I really like Rutgers, especially after they smoked a good Navy team. The ability to run the ball bodes well.

14. Georgia Tech - Seems just about right, but comments would be appreciated.

15. West Virginia - WV does not have a good defense. Every time I see them on TV I come away unimpressed.

16. Wisconsin - Looking better and better every week. Held tough against a very good Michigan team.

17. LSU - Help?

18. Oregon - Below Cal, above Oklahoma.

19. Boston College - To me BC is the hardest team in the country to rank. Any help would be much appreciated.

20. Nebraska - Ask me again after they come to College Station.

21. Oklahoma - Losing Adrian Peterson is huge, but I'm going to hold off judging them until after we see how the team responds and whether or not the backup is any good.

22. Texas A&M - I'll try this again, although last time it didn't work. Still 6-1 with a win over Missouri isn't too shabby. The offensive is well balanced and specializes in wearing down teams then running all over them late. The defense is much improved from a year ago.

23. Pittsburgh - The MSU loss looks bad, they've been good otherwise.

24. Boise State - I'll admit that I ranked them before I watched last night's game, but this feels about right. The pass defense is a concern.

25. Wake Forest - Another 6-1 team that I'm not sure about.

Last team out: Missouri

Like I said, any help or insight would be welcome.


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