Sunday, October 08, 2006

BlogPoll Draft Ballot

I'll have some detailed analysis of the Kansas-A&M game up tonight. For the time being I'll say that I'm very happy with the win and looking forward to another statement game opportunity this weekend against Missouri. As always, first the ballot and then some thoughts. This is a draft and any input would be very much appreciated.

1. Ohio State
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. Louisville
5. Tennessee

6. Clemson
7. Cal
8. Texas
9. USC
10. West Virginia

11. Notre Dame
12. Arkansas
13. Auburn
14. Georgia Tech
15. Missouri

16. Rutgers
17. Oregon
18. Nebraska
19. LSU
20. Iowa

21. Georgia
22. Oklahoma
23. Washington
24. Va Tech
25. Boise State

Some Thoughts
1. Ohio State - Here until further notice

2. Florida - I'm really impressed with Florida, two huge wins in the bad against LSU and Tennessee

3. Michigan - Michigan remains an enigma, having yet to be challenged this season. Penn State is going to be fired up though.

4. Louisville - Just keep rolling along

5. Tennessee - Came from behind and obliterated Georgia. Plus the Cal win looks better every week.

6. Clemson - Good road win over a scrappy Wake Forest team. Clemson is talented enough to deserve being ranked this high but needs consistency now.

7. Cal - This may be a little high for the Bears, but I've always been high on them. If they keep this up my preseason #1 ranking won't look so bad. Now if they only hadn't laid that egg in Knoxville I would look like a genius.

8. Texas - Good win over Oklahoma. Certainly the favorites in the Big XII South.

9. USC - Probably glad to be done with the State of Washington. I would be amazed if USC survived this season unbeaten. A poor showing against Washington though is cancelled out by the strong play of Arkansas.

10. West Virginia - Big win over an SEC team on the road. I don't know what to make of West Virginia.

11. Notre Dame - To close for comfort against a BAD Stanford team. I've got them as a midrange 1 loss team right now.

12. Arkansas - Really shoot up the poll this week after beating Auburn who I can't really justify ranking ahead of the Razorbacks. Only loss was to USC so while 12th is awfully high, I'll still be able to sleep at night.

13. Auburn - All the talk about how good the top teams in the SEC are and you lose to Arkansas?

14. Georgia Tech - Showed grit against Maryland. I've got Tech as the second best team in the ACC.

15. Missouri - Statement win in Lubbock this weekend. The Tigers come to College Station this weekend so ask me again how good they are after I see them in person.

16. Rutgers - DNP

17. Oregon - Did not look good against Cal hence the fall.

18. Nebraska - Seems about right

19. LSU - I don't really know what to think about LSU, but the loss to Auburn is looking worse than it did a week ago.

20. Iowa - Solidifying the third place spot in the Big Ten but certainly have the ability to play the spoiler.

21. Georgia - Well, they had a lead against Tennessee. 55 points, really?

22. Oklahoma - Losses to Texas and Oregon but a nice win against Washington.

23. Washington - What a difference 3 seconds make. As a Michigan alum I'm just glad that Michigan State never seems to go after Spartan alum Coach Willingham.

24. Boise State - Probably should go undefeated, but I said the same about TCU.

25. Boston College - Beat Clemson.


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