Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week 5 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

Another week, another ballot. Three things to note on this weeks ballot:

1) Oklahoma is back. I had been refusing to rank them following the UAB game but I just couldn't leave them off and rank Washington, so they are back. Plus it seemed bad to have Oregon in the top ten and the Sooners not even ranked.

2) I finally had to break from the "Team A beat Team B and thus is ranked higher" that had been my governing principle up until now. Clemson deserves to be in the Top 25, but by the above logic, so does Akron (through the Clemson-BC-NC State relation). This just doesn't fly. Darn you ACC.

3) I wasn't very happy with last week's ballot where I felt I was a little too high on Georgia, West Virginia and Virginia Tech who hadn't really accomplished anything yet this season. As a result their struggles in games they won has a more negative effect than such a performance usually would.

Comments are both welcome and appreciated. As always, first the rankings and then my thoughts:

1 Auburn --
2 Ohio State --
3 Michigan --
4 Southern Cal --
5 Florida --
6 Louisiana State 3
7 Texas 4
8 Louisville 4
9 Oregon 1
10 Tennessee 3
11 Iowa 5
12 Virginia Tech 2
13 West Virginia 7
14 Cal 3
15 Georgia 8
16 TCU 2
17 Nebraska 3
18 Notre Dame 3
19 Rutgers 2
20 Clemson 2
21 Georgia Tech 1
22 Oklahoma 4
23 Missouri 2
24 Texas A&M 2
25 Washington 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#19), Arizona State (#23), Michigan State (#24).

Some Thoughts:

1. Auburn - Functional DNP

2. Ohio State - Two weeks in a row with less than stellar starts. Iowa looms large.

3. Michigan - Took care of business in a big let down game.

4. USC - I think that the theme for top five teams this week was second half success.

5. Florida - The Gators are very close to USC and Michigan in my mind. If I could I would rank them all 3rd.

6. LSU - The best one loss team out there.

7. Texas - I think that Texas might lose three games this year.

8. Louisville - The win over K-State is better than it looks.

9. Oregon - BYE

10. Tennessee - The Vols are being pulled up by Florida and pushed by Cal. This seems about right.

11. Iowa - Ask me again in a week.

12. Virginia Tech - Almost started the meltdown early this year. Its hard to believe that the Big East is just as strong right now as the ACC-Super-Conference-Juggernaut.

13. West Virginia - I become less impressed with WV every week.

14. Cal - Creeping back to respectability.

15. Georgia - Have the potential to move up if Cox is the real thing at QB.

16. TCU - BYE

17. Nebraska - Class of the Big XII North!

18. Notre Dame - Last night ESPN declared that they are going to a BCS game. I don't know whether I should feel sorry for MSU after the collapse or get angry and them for opening the door to more ESPN-ND love.

19. Rutgers - Please don't make me look bad.

20. Clemson - I have this feeling that the BC loss is going to look worse and worse every week.

21. Georgia Tech - Think the Lions will use this year's pick on Calvin Johnson?

22. Oklahoma - Arrgh.

23. Missouri - Haven't looked bad yet.

24. Texas A&M - Blatant homer pick. Looked good last night against La Tech, especially after they settled in. More on the Aggies later today.

25. Washington - Kept it fairly close at Oklahoma and now with wins over Fresno State and UCLA. We'll see how they hold up.


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