Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rankings Bias

Glancing at my rankings for the umpteenth time last night and wondering why I'm so high on Cal when nobody else seems to be, I realized that I've always had something of a soft spot for the Bears. This epiphany of sorts led me to put together a list of all the D-IA programs and my general level of bias (good or bad) towards them. Since I'm a BlogPoll voter this year, I figure that this is healthy information to get out in the open.

As for my method, I started with an alphabetic list of all the programs and asked myself the question, "If Team A was playing Team B and the bearing had no outcome on any other team (ie a bowl game) who would I root for?" This is, of course, an inexact science so the list is not exactly where it would be if I spent another week working on it. I'm alright with this though, as it's sure to fluctuate week to week anyway. I've divided the list up into subgroups, and I'm pretty happy with the teams in each subgroup. The exact order within the middle groups is pretty fuzzy, but the order near the top and the bottom is pretty well set.

Preseason Bias Rankings 2006

Teams I Love
1. Michigan
2. Texas A&M

The Service Academies
3. Air Force
4. Army
5. Navy

Teams I Have a Soft Spot For
6. Buffalo
7. Georgia Tech
8. California

Big Ten Teams I Pull For
9. Iowa
10. Michigan State
11. Northwestern

Teams I Almost Like

12. Hawaii
13. Arizona State
14. Auburn

MAC Teams I Like
15. Central Michigan
16. Akron
17. Eastern Michigan
18. Northern Illinois
19. Western Michigan

Teams I Don't Dislike

20. Penn State
21. Fresno State
22. Maryland
23. Miami(OH)
24. Oregon State
25. Stanford
26. Illinois
27. Texas Tech
28. Wisconsin
29. LSU
30. Minnesota
31. Toledo
32. Pittsburgh
33. Tulsa
34. TCU
35. Oregon
36. Clemson
37. Purdue
38. Duke
39. Indiana
40. Boston College
41. Virginia Tech
42. Tulane
43. Memphis

Teams That are 'Meh'

44. Bowling Green
45. Ball State
46. NC State
47. Washington State
48. Wake Forest
49. Nevada
50. Wyoming
51. Troy
52. Marshall
53. Kansas State
54. Arkansas
55. Nebraska
56. Louisville
57. Iowa State
58. Mississippi State
59. Southern Miss
60. Washington
61. Virginia
62. Syracuse
63. Rutgers
64. Ohio
65. UTEP
66. New Mexico
67. South Carolina
68. Connecticut
69. Kent State
70. Baylor
71. Rice
72. Vanderbilt
73. SMU
74. Utah
75. Kansas
76. Houston
77. Oklahoma State
78. Kentucky
79. Alabama
80. UCLA

Teams I Have No Feeling Toward At All
81. USF
82. Louisiana Tech
83. New Mexico State
84. BYU
85. Idaho
86. Colorado State
87. North Carolina
88. Boise State
89. North Texas
90. Temple
91. Utah State
92. Louisiana-Lafayette
93. ECU
94. UCF
95. San Diego State
96. Florida Atlantic
97. Middle Tennessee State
98. FIU
99. UAB
100. Arkansas State
101. San Jose State
102. UNLV
103. Cincinnati
104. Louisiana-Monroe

Teams I Don't Particularly Care For
105. Georgia
106. West Virginia
107. Missouri
108. Ole Miss

Teams I Dislike
109. Oklahoma
110. Colorado
111. Arizona
112. Tennessee
113. Florida State
114. Florida

Meteor Game Participants
115. USC
116. Miami(FL)
117. Texas
118. Notre Dame
119. Ohio State


At 11:47 PM, Blogger AgRyan04 said...

You can't not dislike tech....I think it's part of the Aggie Honor Code ;)

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Outstanding work...

One change: I think the entire Sun Belt conference should be included in your "Team I Dislike" section on general principles.

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Tom said...


Give me some time. I'm fond of pirates so I have a hard time disliking Leach. The first time they complete a deep pass during week 5, I'll be a convert.


I seriously considered having a seperate group just for Sun Belt teams and putting them somewhere between 'Teams I Don't Particularly Care For' and 'Teams I Dislike'. In the end though, I was blogging from work and had to get some work done that day so I didn't have time to actually look up who is in the Sun Belt. Well, actually I know LA-L is in that abortion of a conference because Phil Steele says they will win it. But other than them, I have no idea.

At 5:01 PM, Blogger The Pen said...

Oh no, Tennessee is in your "dislike" section!

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Yes, well, something about a Citrus Bowl that came in the middle of my freshman year (01-02). It didn't exactly endear me to Tennessee.

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