Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aggie Roundup

If you blinked last week, you may have missed these news updates on the A&M football team.

-Japhus Brown is healthy and looking forward to contributing this season any way he can. Good thing, the Aggie secondary needs all the help it can get. Brown was apparently good last season before he got hurt. He'll join the mix at safety along with Devin Gregg and Melvin Bullitt. The had this gem though.
The playful Brown also said that "he played football for the money," which A&M officials quickly reassured everyone that A&M student-athletes weren't being paid.
Good to know I'm now enrolled at tosu-south.

-Dennis Franchione is excited about the progress the offense is making. Also in this article is a tidbit about Johnathon Batson and his sore hamstring. Batson is a JUCO transfer defensive back who is being counted on for depth. If this season goes anything like last year, Batson should be coming up to speed just in time to replace an injured starter.

More next week.


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