Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup Sweet Sixteen

Well, I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed with the US showing at this World Cup. Still, there are 16 teams still alive and I'm always looking for a sporting event to follow, especially when the games are being played during my lunch hour. Last week I went to the FatBurger here in College Station with a number of co-workers to catch the epic 0-0 match between Argentina and the Netherlands. One of my advisor's PhD candidates is Argentinean...I'm not so sure that he appreciated my rooting for the Dutch. I've decided that since I've got nothing better to add, I'll pick some winners in the round of 16. If you had asked me to project Group E before the tourney, I would have picked the Yankees and the Czechs though, so take these with a grain of salt.

Saturday's Games:
Germany 3, Sweden 2...The Swedes keep it close for 70 minutes, but the Germans come through at home.
Argentina 4, Mexico 1...And the Mexican goal comes very late to make a domination look like a simple blowout.

Sunday's Games:
England 2, Ecuador 1...I'm still not sold on England, but Ecuador isn't that good and Rooney is just coming up to speed.
Netherlands 1, Portugal 0...Total ethnic homer pick.

Monday's Games:
Australia 1, Italy 0...The Australians have a great coach and the Italians seem to be alternating good performances with bad ones.
Switzerland 1, Ukraine 0...The Swiss didn't allow a first round goal, that trend continues.

Tuesday's Games
Brazil 5, Ghana 0...Ghana without their best player and Brazil looking to make a statement; Ronaldhino finally breaks out.
Spain 3, France 1...I just can't pick the French.

The Elite Eight:
Germany 2, Argentina 1...Germany pulls out an upset on home soil to advance.
Switzerland 2, Australia 0...The Aussies fall short as the Swiss continue their defensive dominance.
Netherlands 3, England 1...GO DUTCH!!!
Brazil 4, Spain 2...The Brazilians march on.

The Semi's
Germany 2, Switzerland 0...The Swiss finally give up a goal.
Brazil 3, Netherlands 1...The Brazilians are too much for a plucky Dutch squad

The Finals
Germany 3, Brazil 2...In penalty kicks no less....


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