Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some Rankings

Well, I've been busy working on grad school applications, but in my spare time, I've been experimenting with a subjective ranking system that I hope will give me some perspective on how to rank teams, as I'm really struggling right now with any team between, say, 13 and 25. As a caveat, right now the system has a propensity to overrate mid-majors with one quality win, no bad losses and a pretty weak schedule. I'm working on fixing that, but for the time being, here goes:

1. Texas
2. USC
3. Miami
4. Penn State
5. Louisiana State
6. Virginia Tech
7. Alabama
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. Auburn
11. Georgia
12. Oregon
13. Fresno State
14. West Virginia
15. Texas Christian
16. UCLA

17. Wisconsin
18. South Carolina
19. Florida
20. Michigan
21. Louisville
22. Minnesota
23. Iowa
24. Florida State
25. Texas Tech

I promise I'll work hard to find a way to fix the problems and get back to you next week with an even better ranking system. In the meantime, Go Blue.


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