Sunday, October 02, 2005

Week 6 Power16 and Next9

The blatant, unabashed homerism continues in week 6 as I move Michigan back into the Power16 at #16. I also think that Auburn has been getting a rough treatment, so they show up at #15. There are probably way too many Big Ten teams here, but I'm working with regional coverage so it is what it is. This week I watched all or part of UofM/MSU, ND/Purdue, Florida/Alabama, Minnesota/PSU and USC/ASU. Here goes:

1. USC (I hate that these guys made me wrong)
2. Texas (here comes Oklahoma!)
3. Virginia Tech (these guys are really good)
4. Georgia (moving up in a bye week)
5. Florida State (my new pick to play VT in the conference championship game)
6. Alabama (WOW, but can they keep it up without Prothro?)
7. Ohio State (big game coming up against Penn State before an angry Sparty comes to town)
8. Tennessee (so this is the week they play Georgia?)
9. Louisiana State (Vandy could be trap game...or not)
10. California (first big game this week at UCLA)
11. Notre Dame (took Purdue out to the woodshed this week, now two weeks to prepare for USC)
12. Arizona State (best two-loss team in the country)
13. Miami (get to take next two weeks off with games against Duke and Temple)
14. Florida (how will Urban respond to his first loss since '03?)
15. Auburn (still flying under the radar)
16. Michigan (so I put them too high, its my blog and my alma mater)
17. Texas Tech (welcome to Division 1A)
18. Boston College (hanging around)
19. Michigan State (get a week off to prepare for OSU...better believe they'll be ornery)
20. UCLA (survived Washington's upset bid at home)
21. Louisville (FAU picked a bad week to be a smallish Florida school playing Louisville)
22. Wisconsin (probably should be higher, but I'm still bitter)
23. Penn State (good defense, hot offense...could be dangerous in fairly open Big Ten race)
24. Nebraska (undefeated is good this late in season, no matter the opposition)
25. Idaho (oh, this isn't the Harris Poll? Oh, well then...)
25. Minnesota (was PSU a random loss or the beginning of the annual slide?)


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