Saturday, October 08, 2005

USCHO CCHA Preview Finally Posted

So, over at USCHO, the CCHA preview is finally up. Naturally they were the last league, although the extra time Paula Weston took to write this one doesn't actually equal added quality. As a disclaimer, I should point out that I'm usually a Weston fan. She takes a lot of flak on the USCHO boards, and I think that most of it is unwarranted, but in this case she really dropped the ball. I mean, Michigan at #1??? Ohio State is going to be so far ahead by Christmas that it doesn't matter how well the freshman gel, Michigan is at best looking at a #2 finish. Perhaps someone wants to explain to me how you can write a preview in which your top team loses it's best player, unexpectedly no less, and you don't even mention it, much less justify your pick? Maybe she was on vacation and missed the fact that Jeff Tambellini and Al Montoya both jumped ship. I hate to criticize and not put forward my own preview, but in this case I think that Paula really missed and I hope that she is back to her regular form soon.

So, if you click on the school names in the preview, you get an individual preview of each team. So perhaps I was a little hasty in criticizing the depth of the preview. But still, Michigan at #1??? Either way, I'm changing my opinion of the preview from "idiotic" to "blindly bold."


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