Friday, October 14, 2005

College Football at Midseason

First off, my apologies to Brian at mgoblog for beating him to the punch on a discussion of why Michigan has been a disappointment. I hope that he still writes one though, as we all know that he could do it with far more clarity and humor than I am capable of. With that, on to the All-American Team and this weeks rankings.

Mid-Season All American Team
QB Drew Stanton, Michigan State
RB LenDale White, Southern Cal
RB Justin Forsett, Cal
RB Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin
FB David Kirtman, Southern Cal
WR Tyrone Prothro, Alabama
WR Derek Hagan, Arizona State
WR Jeff Samardzija, Notre Dame
TE Greg Olson, Miami
OL Southern California
OL Minnesota
OL Michigan State
OL California
OL Texas

DL Elvis Dumervil, Louisville
DL Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College
DL Chris Mineo, UTEP
DL LaMarr Woodley, Michigan
LB AJ Hawk, Ohio State University
LB Brandon Hoyte, Notre Dame
LB AJ Nicholson, Florida State
DB Dion Byrum, Ohio
DB Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech
DB Daymeion Hughes, California
DB Nick Graham, Tulsa

Special Teams
KR Reggie Bush, USC
PR Maurice Drew, UCLA
K Jad Dean, Clemson
P Danny Baugher, Arizona

Power 16
1. Texas (Jamaal Charles is the bomb)
2. Virginia Tech (best defense/special teams in the country)
3. Georgia (looking legitimate all of a sudden)
4. USC (getting sloppy)
5. Florida State (potential showdown with VT in the ACC title game is awfully appealing)
6. Alabama (last 6 games include Tennessee, LSU and Auburn...ouch)
7. Penn State (Big Test at the Big House this week)
8. Notre Dame (biggest game of the season this week against USC)
9. Michigan State (looking to prove to Ohio State that Michigan was a fluke)
10. Miami (following up Duke with Temple, they should be well rested for stretch run)
11. Louisiana State (I have no idea what to say about this team)
12. Florida (back to back games against LSU and Georgia)
13. UCLA (could roll across town on Dec. 3rd undefeated)
14. Ohio State (I HATE Ohio State)
15. Auburn (sleeper team in the SEC)
16. Boston College (better not get caught looking past Wake Forest to VT)

17. California (tough loss, but could still challenge USC)
18. Oregon (Cal at home is only ranked team left on schedule)
19. Tennessee (glad that Michigan has fallen farther, else they would be most over-preseason-hyped team)
20. Texas Tech (still outscoring people, but lucky to escape Nebraska game)
21. Louisville (at least they will probably get into a BCS bowl)
22. Minnesota (I want my jug back)
23. Fresno State (only loss is to Oregon)
24. Colorado (had to put somebody here)
25. West Virginia (and here too)

New BCS Prediction
ACC: Virginia Tech (Rose Bowl)
Big East: Louisville (has to be somebody)
Big 10: Michigan State (at 6-2 in conference)
Big 12: Texas (Rose Bowl)
Pac-10: USC (despite losses to ND and Cal)
SEC: Georgia (right now Mark Richt is my Coach of the Year)
At Large: Notre Dame (after they beat USC)
At Large: Alabama (well, you won't get a second team out of the B10, B12 or BE, so might as well be the SEC)


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