Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week 4 Power16 and Next9

Well, with Week 3 in the books, it is time to move on to the rankings for the fourth week of college football. Now that most teams are entering conference play, I have decided to expand my rankings to include a Next9, in addition to the Power16, bringing it to a top-25 type of a deal. Earlier in the season, both Florida State and Miami had been very pointedly left out of my Power16, but both teams won gutsy games on the road this week, earning their way in. So, without further discussion, the Power16 and Next9:

1. USC (Arkansas hung tough for about two minutes)
2. Texas (still have to win in Dallas, but looking easier as Oklahoma is terrible)
3. LSU (great win in Tempe still fresh)
4. Florida (held Tennessee scoreless in the second half)
5. Virginia Tech (beat Ohio and Duke by a combined score of 90-0)
6. Georgia (should have scored more in the first half, and yes I'm running out of things to say about these guys)
7. Florida State (looked great in the second half, but might not win if BC has a healthy QB)
8. Ohio State (I really don't like these guys)
9. Louisville (Oregon State is a solid program, which is more than I can say for anybody left on the schedule, save West Virginia)
10. Michigan (the Notre Dame shock has worn off so I'm back to being a homer, but seriously with Michael Hart this is a top-5 team, will they have Hart back for the Big Ten schedule?)
11. Arizona State (another week, another step closer to 4000 yards for Sam Keller)
12. Tennessee (good: defense, bad: offense, ugly: special teams...LSU game will be huge)
13. California (Bears win again, this time with 4th quarter comeback...USC be afraid)
14. Purdue ("I'm running the oop-de-oop!" but still not an impressive win at 'zona)
15. Miami (FL) (big OT win at Clemson to get back in my good graces)
16. Notre Dame (classic trap game at home against MSU after road win at Michigan and before big visits to Washington and Purdue...big comeback falls just short in OT)
17. Iowa (Tate is back, but not great again this week)
18. Texas Tech (seems mean to hang 80 on poor Sam Houston)
19. Georgia Tech (tests start this week at VT)
20. Auburn (only loss is to GT, why aren't these guys getting more respect?)
21. Michigan State (big win over ND, but smells of an upset and not a statement game)
22. Boston College (if not for a QB injury, might be in my top-10...when will Porter return?)
23. Minnesota (big win at Tulsa looking better and better)
24. Wisconsin (more of an instinct pick, but could give Michigan fits this week)
25. Vanderbilt (this team might just go to a bowl game, and they don't even have an athletic department!)


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