Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some Preliminary Thoughts on Saturday's Michigan Game

Right now I'm watching Boise State beat Bowling Green 41-6. You know, the same BGSU team that put up 42 points on Wisconsin has now been held to 6 points through 3 quarters out in Idaho. This is great news for Michigan, at team looking to not lose their road-opener again this season. I had been seriously worried about the Wisconsin defense snapping into form just in time for the Wolverines to struggle, but I'm a little bit more hopeful now. I saw a blog entry several weeks ago showing the success of Wisconsin's defensive coordinator, both at Wisconsin and at Kansas State. The moral of the story was that he always has had an excellent defense. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to find it. I will keep looking though.

Although this appears to be good news, I learned my lesson about putting too much stock in Thursday night games two weeks ago, as I figured that Pittsburgh losing to Ohio was a good omen for the Michigan game against Notre Dame. Of course it wasn't, but I have to find something to keep me watching these terrible ESPN games.


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