Sunday, September 11, 2005

Power16 for Week 3

Since I will be gone until at least Wednesday, I thought that I would burn the midnight oil and get my Power16 up before I leave for Mississippi in the morning. This week I watched the games hosted by Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and some of the Arizona State and California games. Needless to say I was impressed with the gutsy play of Louisiana State. There was no bigger win this week and my heart still goes out to them. As an aside, I try to make my Power16 a reflection of who would win if the games were played on a neutral field. USC is still the best team in the country so they remain #1. Despite this, I believe that they will lose to either Cal or Arizona State this season and Texas will go undefeated. You can take that for what its worth. On to the rankings:

1. USC (still the best team in the country, but will get upset somewhere along the way)
2. Texas (huge win in the Horseshoe clears the way for an undefeated season)
3. LSU (gutsy road win against underrated ASU, still my pick in the SEC West)
4. Virginia Tech (Vick looked better, VT rolls)
5. Georgia (should have won by more, SEC looking tougher than I had originally thought)
6. Ohio State (probably could have beaten Texas, still looked like best team in the Big Ten)
7. Florida (and Urban keeps rolling along)
8. Tennessee (still only beat UAB by 7, with Clausen as starter better days ahead)
9. Louisville (if a mid-major wins the Big East, does the Big East still count as a major conference?)
10. Notre Dame (defense vastly underrated, coach vastly overrated)
11. Arizona State (Andrew Walter who?)
12. California (most teams would be 2-0 with this schedule)
13. Michigan (well, at least the defense looked better)
14. Iowa (will stay down here until Tate is healthy)
15. Boston College (I'm sticking by prediction of BC upsetting FSU)
16. Purdue (I know its unfair to move them down, but too many teams behind them looked good this week)

So there you have it. I'll be back around midweek (albeit with dial-up until at least the weekend) to defend myself. Congrats again to LSU.


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