Friday, September 30, 2005

Power16 and Next9 for this week

Sorry this is so late, but I just haven't had time to address it until now. I decided not to drop Michigan out of the top-25 for the simple reason that if the ball bounces a little bit differently in the Notre Dame game they would have scraped out a win and if that had happened, they most likely would be favored this week. It's amazing how much a single goal-line fumble can alter the entire perception of a season. I'm also convinced that Michigan would be 4-0 if Michael was healthy and that he will be back this week. For what its worth:

1. USC (good win at Oregon, still won't beat ASU)
2. Texas (could Mizzou be a trap game?)
3. Virginia Tech (showed GT who's boss)
4. Florida (does Urban Meyer still have an out in his contract to come to Michigan?)
5. Florida State (Bowdenball is the new Tresselball)
6. Georgia (better not get caught looking past Tennessee to undefeated Vandy)
7. Arizona State (if I'm not driving the ASU bandwagon, I'm at least navigating...big win this week against USC)
8. Ohio State (YARR)
9. Tennessee (it doesn't get easier with Georgia this week)
10. California (I don't think that they are overrated...)
11. LSU (tough loss, but still beat ASU in Tempe)
12. Michigan State (I'm putting them at 12 as a courtesy, but I'm not sold yet)
13. Miami (I guess I had better have them here somewhere)
14. Notre Dame (won by more at Washington than I thought they would)
15. Alabama (why not?)
16. Minnesota (probably a little high, but I'll get them up here before they fall apart)
17. Texas Tech (after all, the point of the game is to outscore the other team)
18. Boston College (redemption is at hand)
19. Auburn (more people should be talking about this team in the SEC West)
20. Wisconsin (Brian Calhoun is for real)
21. UCLA (another good Pac-10 team)
22. Louisville (I feel like they let me down)
23. Purdue (Big Ten looking weak this year)
24. Vanderbilt (still undefeated)
25. Michigan (blatant homerism at its greatest)


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Owais said...

Aight Uhl,

I see it as this, Chad Henne needs to step up he has been sloppy in all of the games. Yes I realize he doesn't have a running game but he was still an amazing prospect without a running game. Avant is a smart receiver, if he can actually have a ball thrown in his vacinity he can do something with it. Our Defense has done a decent job or carrying us for the season, now we need to step up and be the team that lives up to all of its talent and potential.

I think this season is already lost and we have the potential to finish near the bottom of the Big Ten. My prediction for tomorrow. Unless we know Drew Stanton out we are done and it will be a 49 - 10 whippin with Sparty on top.

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