Friday, September 23, 2005

Michigan/Wisconsin Prediction

Game Prediction
Michigan comes into this game banged up, but Mike Kolodziej and Matt Lentz are both expected to start so both the pass protection and run blocking should be better than it was against Notre Dame. The Wisconsin D-line is apparently also banged up, so that bodes well for both the running and passing attacks. I don't think that Michael Hart will play unless he is absolutely needed, and with Max Martin and Kevin Grady he won't be. Look for both of them to have a big day. This will also be the week that the offense settles down and begins to use Avant as a possession receiver, Manningham to stretch the defense and Breaston on underneath routes that give him an opportunity to do something with the ball.

Wisconsin's offense will be able to move the ball on the ground until Michigan adjusts and sticks Gabe Watson in the middle next to Alan Branch. After that things get a little harder for Brian Calhoun, who still has a good game. After that half, Wisconsin will have to go to the air to try and play catchup and the newly solid Michigan pass defense steps up and forces a couple of mistakes. As per such the game will be closer than the final score indicates after Michigan adds a late TD, but make it Michigan 35, Wisconsin 17.

Stat Projections
Chad Henne 22-31, 280 yards, 2 TDs
Jason Avant 9 catches, 95 yards, TD
Steve Breaston 5 catches, 50 yards
Mario Manningham 3 catches, 60 yards, TD
Max Martin 105 yards, TD
Kevin Grady 55 yards, TD

John Stocco 20-35, 250 yards, TD, 2 Int
Brian Calhoun 150 yards, TD

Other Predictions
Virginia Tech 38, Georgia Tech 21
USC 41, Oregon 28
Iowa 17, Ohio State 10
Notre Dame 24, Washington 21
LSU 35, Tennessee 7


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