Saturday, September 17, 2005

Michigan/EMU Game Thoughts

As per the usual Saturday routine, some thoughts on this afternoon's game:

-Dave Harris was much better than Scott McClintock against the pass.
-Steve Breaston was used much better in the passing game today, short routes and screens that let him run with it, not deep balls.
-Chad Henne stood in much better against the pass rush today and it showed on the first TD that he threw to Jason Avant.
-LaMarr Woodley was a monster out in space against the spread offense. This bodes well for the rest of the year.
-All the RB's that played today looked great (even Elijah Bradley late) meaning that the offensive line had a much better game today.
-With the big lead early, Michigan was able to use a significant amount of time evaluating talent and depth. The results were encouraging.
-Antonio Bass struggled early, but he looked much better in the second half.
-Jason Avant dropped a pass!!!
-The only bad sack that the line allowed on Henne came through Reuben Riley. This team really misses Jake Long and Mike Kolodziej.
-Both Henne and Gutierrez looked very good this week, both were throwing with confidence.
-The pass rushers still need to tackle better, too many missed sacks.
-The poor tackling in the rush has a lot to do with blitzers taking bad routes to the QB.
-Mario Manningham will be a significant piece of the offense down the stretch. I think that he may be the player that Henne needs to stretch the defense, opening up the underneath routes for Breaston and the gaps in the zone for Avant to sit in.
-Tim Jamison looked very good against the second team today. He could be the answer opposite Woodley.
-Several young offensive lineman played today (Gallimore, Ciulla, Mitchell among others). They all seemed to hold their own, so hopefully they can provide some depth.

That was all I noticed today, perhaps I will be back later this week with more. Then again, it was EMU. Michigan is going to have a very stiff test next week against Wisconsin. I think that we will know a lot more about the consistency of this team after that.


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