Sunday, September 04, 2005

The makings for my first top 25

After much though, I've decided that I don't actually agree with the existence of preseason polls, but now that most teams have played at least once, my first set of rankings is starting to form up. The actual ranking will have to wait until after the FSU-Miami game, but for now, here are some thoughts about what it will look like.

1. USC (duh)
2. Texas (typical early season blowout of a bottom 10 type opponent)
3. Ohio State (this will go down when Troy Smith dresses)
4. Georgia (looked great this week in handling a good Boise State team)
5. Michigan (homer pick, should have been about 5 spots lower)
6. Tennessee (should have beaten UAB by a lot more)

Well, that is my initial top-6. More to follow late Monday or early Tuesday.


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