Thursday, September 29, 2005

EA Curse?

Found in Dan "The Man" Levy's AIM profile:

The cause of Michigan's football woes has been discovered. The Madden Curse (if you dont know what that is, read here.) has mutated and infected another EA Sports game: the NCAA 200X series. The evidence is undeniable. The following teams have graced the cover of the game boxes for the last 7 years. Their records speak for themselves:

2000: Texas 7-5
2001: Alabama 3-8
2002: Florida State 8-4
2003: Oregon 7-6
2004: USC 12-1 (they did lose to Cal and get screwed out of the National Title game)
2005: Pittsburg 8-4
2006: Michigan 2-2 so far....


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